When Walt Disney said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing,” he must’ve been talking about entrepreneurs like me. I am a firm believer in dreams and following them with all you got. I am Molly, an artist and tenacity is my superpower. In 2006, after a long stint in the design & advertising industry, I decided to chase my dreams rather than somebody else’s. Out of this dream was born – Design5 Studio. The studio started as a creative outlet to my strong love of art, sustainability and minimalism. Based on the principles of Reuse & Reduce, Design5 upcycles and restores 'found' objects.


Why upcycle wooden junk items only? I am often asked. 

First of all, who doesn’t know the huge environmental benefits of up cycling  Secondly, a tree was cut to make that product! How can anyone ignore that fact and let the tree’s life go to waste?! All tree huggers know that trees help in reducing air & water pollution, soil erosion, greenhouse gas emissions and basically an overall conservation of global resources.

I also have a few habits that I follow at my studio to minimise my impact on the planet on a daily basis:

Design5 either reuses old boxes or recycled cardboard packaging. My colors and varnishes are water based & non toxic. I do not “create” new wooden products - only upcycle & handpaint discarded wooden items. I reuse paper for printing my invoices or sends e-invoices only. My art studio runs on air cooling only. I compost all the food waste generated at the studio by me.





I am a huge fan of upcycling. At Design5 Studio, I #restore, #repurpose and #relove wooden home decor items picked out of junk. I am always on the lookout for discarded pieces that seem to be hiding a story under layers of dirt and neglect. These are turned into limited range, 'Functional Art' home decor products with exclusive hand-painted details. Be it large or small, bringing old and worn out vintage furniture pieces back to life or handpainting rustic wooden boxes, trays & frames and turning them into my 'Functional Art' brings an enormous amount of creative satisfaction to my heart.

Not only am I trying to reduce the impact of my work on the environment, I am also trying to offset the ecological cost of running a business. So instead of offering monetary rewards on my store to my subscribers & customers, i offer Trees! With the help of Grow-Trees, I give out an e-certificate with tracking number for each tree. You can share this certificate with your friends, family and/or social media followers! Be proud that you support Design5 Studio!!


Design5 Studio is where savvy shoppers - who are fans of sustainability and minimalism - of interior styles discover an eco-whimsical and exclusive selection of Functional Art for home & office decor. My art is unique, and you will be proud to own a one-of-a-kind piece in your space.

I believe that your home should reflect your own personal style. Each corner of your life should be eye-catching and unique, just like you. Design5 Studio is a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand in the home decor, accessories and gifting space, dedicated to helping our customers discover their own design personality. Explore all ranges for unique sustainable gifting ideas.

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Founded in 2006, Design5 Studio is a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand that creates Functional Art based on the principle of Reduce & Reuse. Explore our collections of hand-painted and upcycled rustic wooden frames, candlesticks, trays,  wooden bowls for unique gifting ideas.


Design5 Studio | Shahpurjat, New Delhi | info@design5.biz 

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