Although Design5 has been doing some good things for the environment and planet over the last 11 years, we still do have an impact on Earth. 

Things Design5 has made a habit out of:

Design5 uses recycled cardboard boxes and corrugated sheets for packaging
Design5 Varnishes are water based & food grade
Design5 do not “create” new wooden products - only upcycle & repurpose found wooden items
Design5 reuse paper for printing our invoice or send e-invoices only
Design5 studio runs on air cooling only 



Running a business always has an ecological cost:
    •    Production - Upcycling requires materials that have an low but impactful carbon footprint
    •    Packing - We try n avoid plastic as much as possible, cardboard & paper come from trees too! 
    •    Shipping - every order shipped uses fuel


So Design5 wanted to do more. And the solution was - LET'S PLANT TREES!

Lets admit it…we need trees! They are the only reason life exist on earth. They have given us so much, air, food n shelter…and yummy fruits!!


No more Discounts!! Ok,Ok…We will not entirely take the fun away of Sales & Discount Coupons but we will change the rules a bit here. When you subscribe to our website & buy a restored, upcycled home decor item from us, you'll receive an email from our partner, Grow-Trees, to confirm that we did indeed plant a tree just for you! The e-certificate will have  number that will help you check the growth of your tree at . You can share this certificate with your friends, family and/or social media followers! Be proud that you support Design5 Studio!!
So shop today, and make a positive mark on our beautiful Planet Earth!

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Founded in 2006, Design5 Studio is a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand that creates Functional Art based on the principle of Reduce & Reuse. Explore our collections of hand-painted and upcycled rustic wooden frames, candlesticks, trays,  wooden bowls for unique gifting ideas.


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