Although Design5 has been doing some good things for the environment and planet over the last 11 years, we still do have an impact on Earth. 

Things Design5 has made a habit out of:

Design5 uses recycled cardboard boxes and corrugated sheets for packaging
Design5 Varnishes are water based & food grade
Design5 do not “create” new wooden products - only upcycle & repurpose found wooden items
Design5 reuse paper for printing our invoice or send e-invoices only
Design5 studio runs on air cooling only 



Running a business always has an ecological cost:
    •    Production - Upcycling requires materials that have an low but impactful carbon footprint
    •    Packing - We try n avoid plastic as much as possible, cardboard & paper come from trees too! 
    •    Shipping - every order shipped uses fuel


So Design5 wanted to do more. And the solution was - LET'S PLANT TREES!

Lets admit it…we need trees! They are the only reason life exist on earth. They have given us so much, air, food n shelter…and yummy fruits!!


No more Discounts!! Ok,Ok…We will not entirely take the fun away of Sales & Discount Coupons but we will change the rules a bit here. When you subscribe to our website & buy a restored, upcycled home decor item from us, you'll receive an email from our partner, Grow-Trees, to confirm that we did indeed plant a tree just for you! The e-certificate will have  number that will help you check the growth of your tree at . You can share this certificate with your friends, family and/or social media followers! Be proud that you support Design5 Studio!!
So shop today, and make a positive mark on our beautiful Planet Earth!

Founded in 2006, Design5 Studio is a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand in the home decor, accessories and gifting space.


Design5 upcycles and creates functional art products that are based on the principle of Reduce & Reuse.


Eexplore our collections of handpainted and upcycled rustic wooden frames, repurposed candlesticks, handpainted wooden serving trays,  handpainted wooden bowls, wall art prints, and handmade resin jewellery.

Explore all ranges for unique gifting ideas.

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