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Frozen in Time - A Customized Gift

Getting an opportunity to visualise and craft on paper someone else’s feelings, ideas and notions, is every designer’s “dream-come-true” project. It is also the most exciting part of being a creative individual. It makes me feel like a magician sometimes…like waving a magic wand and bringing to life a person’s desires and yearnings. It makes it even more fun when you have to think out of the box while staying well within the box!!

Recently I was commissioned to work on some customised decoupaged wooden table clocks. Both were as to be given as surprise gifts…one as a wedding gift and the other as a gift to someone’s parents.

The first one was to be a table clock, to be given as a couple’s wedding day gift. And because it was to be a surprise gift for a to-be-married couple, the only thing my client could provide me with were the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date. So, working within these limitations, I created the design, which you can see below…

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