Candle light: It lights you up too

If fire was the biggest discovery by humans, candles domesticated it.

We will all agree that candles have some sort of irresistibility and magnetism to them.  Its rare that you will find someone who won't pick up a candle from a store or a table. We like to hold them, smell them and they work their magic when lit up. There is something amazing to them. That is why they find their place in all our moods and emotions. Ranging from happiness and celebration to romance to even loneliness!

Candles act as a great home décor ornament. They add colour, fragrance and light up spaces. They are a mood enhancer. Take a shower next to them or even see how they burn up all the negativity and stress after a tiring day. They are the perfect decor accent in festive times. But who needs a reason for lighting up a scented candle anyways?!

Romance it up. Candles a great way to light up a lost romance or cosy up while the play of light and shadow surrounds you. And no celebration is complete without a candlelit dinner. Be it with your partner or a sparkling evening with friends. They can be part of your date night decor. Add them to dinner table for an extra ambient factor. They create the perfect mood for your meditation space. Its light lets your mind relax and unwind.

Wooden candlesticks are a great way to use candles for decor in your homes. But did you what are these candle holders called? Well, you might know them as a candlestick, a chamberstick or a even a more fancy 'candelabrum'. This word comes from the Latin language. Candelabrum are tall candle holders. It is sometimes called a candle tree also.

The history of invention of the candle holder is not very clear. The earliest candlestick found was a clay candleholder dating back to 400BC! The Ancient Egyptians get the credit for inventing a candle as early as 3000BC. They used beeswax to light up their paths in the dark.

Some might wonder, what is the best way to use a wooden candlestick holder? Let me tell you then -

  • Light up the candle and let drip a few drops of wax into the bottom of flat base on the candlestick

  • Press down the candlesticks's base into the molten wax

  • Hold it upright until the wax dries up and hardens enough to keep the candle stuck to it

  • Pouring liquid wax from a lit jar candle will also work to stick the functional art pieces. candle and keep it from falling off

Design5 holders to creates Functional Art from such rejected unfinished wooden candlesticks. You can find many vintage wooden candlesticks on my online store. Over the years, I have restored many vintage candlesticks. Some were tall, some large, some were chunky and some small, modern styled. But they were all brought back to life with upcycling and my art.

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