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Feeling proud. Feeling humble.

That's a great position to be in. Something that every entrepreneur would relate to. Keep your head high, yet feet firmly on the ground. Navrang is familiar ground. The new experiences are what I look forward to. And getting appreciation while doing that is fantastic. I got mentioned in the prestigious The Wall Art Mag- a magazine that presents the world of art, lifestyle & leisure. Its the premier online magazine for Indian art and to be featured in it is an achievement. When your loved ones like you, everybody feels proud. When it's your peers, I am humble. You can read the article here - "the kingdom awaits a bridge back home" || Shop Handpainted, Restored and Upcycled Home Decor at www.design5.biz ||

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Founded in 2006, Design5 Studio is a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand that creates Functional Art based on the principle of Reduce & Reuse. Explore our collections of hand-painted and upcycled rustic wooden frames, candlesticks, trays,  wooden bowls for unique gifting ideas.


Design5 Studio | Shahpurjat, New Delhi | info@design5.biz 

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