Frame Every Memory : 20 Unique Things To Frame

Cherish them. Keep them safe. They can only stay alive in your thoughts. In your dreams. But what about the times when your thoughts start to fade? Or when you can't remember the details of a loved ones face? That is what photographs are for! Open up that old family album to look at those familiar faces, and the happy moments you spent together. Walk up to that gallery wall and reminiscence the moments close to your heart. They can make you laugh. Some will make you cry. Some will make you miss those people and times that are now in the past. Framing a photograph is more than a home decor act. It keeps these memories as fresh as they were when those moments froze in time.

Picture frames are made up from various materials these days. Wooden frames are the most common ones. But these days, one can also find frames made up of acrylic, metal, plastic, leather, resin or fabric as options. Pine and Poplar is the best wood to make a picture frame. Any available and cheap wood is usually the best option to get if you plan to make your own frame. They are easier for beginner woodworking projects.

New is good but old is valuable. Vintage or Antique frames have amazing intricate designs on them. These intricate designs are a proof of the unique craftsmanship of old times. The passage of time adds not monetary value to these antique frames but also adds a unique charm to them. Sometimes the frame itself is more valuable than the artwork put in it.

Pictures and art are not the only things one can put inside a frame. The ideas and creativity can be limitless. All you need to do is look around in your home and office and I am sure you will find some amazing concepts to work with.

Here are some unique, fun and quirky ideas to frame -

  1. Maps - Colorful and vibrant maps can be perfect for adding some color and unique factor to your wall decor. Each map can have a story behind it. Perhaps a map of your old hometown?

  2. Diagrams - Remember those old science books? Find them and frame those amazing & detailed diagrams for putting on your studio walls.

  3. Architectural Drawings - Do you have an architect in the family? Then share their amazing drawings on your gallery walls. Time to show off that family talent and create a unique decor section!

  4. Puzzles - Did you play with jig saw puzzles when you little? Or is it your favorite past time activity during the Covid 2020 lockdown too? How about framing the 10000 piece puzzle that took you a month to solve? Show off your success on one of your home walls this time.

  5. Flags - Create some bold colour-blocking by framing your country flags. The flags of your favorite football club can also be a great framing idea!

  6. Banner - A hand-painted banner for your high school team or a pennant your team won in the annual competition? Frame them to secure those amazing happy moments!

  7. Old Currency Notes or Coins - Countries change the designs of currency notes quite often. The coins also become useless after some time. Frame them! Make them into memories of old times. Coins that you found on your special trip scan be unique items to frame.

  8. Stamps- Postage stamps can be a fun and unique items to frame. You can show off your vintage stamp collection or some brand new limited range designs.

  9. Book Covers or Comic Book Pages - You can take your favorite books and frame it to create a gallery wall addition. Your super hero comic book collection can be a good option for decorating your room walls as well.

  10. Magazine Covers - Vintage fashion magazine covers can be perfect for framing. They can be a great design alternative to art.

  11. Handwritten Letters - Frame that special handwritten letter in a beautiful frame. It will be lovely memory and great story to share. They will have lots of personality too!

  12. Postcards - They have become a rare item in todays time of smartphones, Frame them in quirky frames and create a interesting decor piece. Vintage postcards can even give off an old-fashioned and weathered look!

  13. Recipes/ Notes - Handwritten items are extra personal. They are one-of-a-kind pieces. Yummy recipes from your grandma can be amazing. Lovely notes from your kids can be cute!!

  14. Tickets - Movie tickets, first trip abroad tickets, tickets to that special museum event are perfect for framing.

  15. Dried Up Flowers & Leaves - Create a natural collection of pressed flowers and leaves inside glass frames

  16. Feathers - Colorful and unique collection of furry feathers make for a frame-worthy item

  17. Vinyl Records - Old vintage records as wall decor are awesome!

  18. Hand prints - Handprints of your new born children are a unique idea for putting in a lovely frame.

  19. Mirrors - Best way to add quirkiness to a wall is framing a mirror. It adds charm and character to any space.

  20. Textiles - fabric can look really cool if framed correctly. An old hand embroidered handkerchief, an autographed t-shirt, a concert tshirt etc. Use these to keep memories safe and add a unique charm to your walls.

I have added a few new designs of Wooden Frames in my online store this month. They are all made out of rejected junk wood. I have repaired each one of these frames by myself. I handpainted and upcycled them with some of my favorite flower motifs. They have been painted with Acrylic paint on wood. The paint has been sealed with three layers of varnish. You should be able to clean it with a damp cloth. No soap or scrubbing please. These are built to last and with care can last you a lifetime too!

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