Green Living :: 22 Tips For an Eco-Friendly Home

Here are some tips to reduce your carbon footprint, create less waste, and start to live a more sustainable life...

  • Invest in sustainable products like glass, stainless steel, or bamboo

  • Always carry your own reusable grocery bags instead of taking plastic bags

  • Use reusable cutlery instead of using disposable ones

  • Use reusable straws made from glass, stainless steel, or bamboo. Or simply drink straight from the glass!

  • Lower your meat consumption

  • Don’t waste food

  • Compost veggie/fruit peelings and kitchen scraps

  • Buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging waste

  • Use energy-efficient LED light bulbs that work the same but use less energy

  • Make your own cleaning products like Bio Enzymes, instead of buying chemical cleaners. It is fairly easy, and you can find many tutorial videos online to learn.

  • Conserve water by turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, or taking quick showers

  • Carry your own reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles

  • Reuse and repurpose as much as you can, like reusing glass food containers, candle jars, wine bottles, etc

  • Recycle anything you cannot reuse such as plastic, aluminium, and paper products

  • Upcycle items by turning old or broken items into something new

  • Fix items that are broken instead of replacing such as clothing, furniture and electronics

  • Donate items you no longer need instead of throwing them away

  • Shop secondhand when you can for things like decor, furniture, picture frames, TVs, etc

  • Buy high-quality organic cotton clothing so that your clothes will last longer

  • Plant trees and support brands and communities who do

  • Buy less stuff in general by embracing a more minimalist lifestyle

  • Go paperless by using electronic versions of books, receipts, etc

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