Home Decor Ideas : How To Decorate With Trays

Wanna know my secret to home decor? Let me tell you...it's TRAYS baby!! I think it should be every home decor enthusiast's secret weapon. So, whether you are looking for way to decorate your dining table, your bedroom side table, needing ideas for coffee table decor...Trays will be your best friend.

Once you get a hang of decorating with trays, you won't be able to have enough of them. I would suggest that you get them in a mix of material, different sizes, multiple shapes and use them throughout your home. 


Large trays that hold a lot of stuff should not be your only target. A small tray can fit into those tiny space that desperately need decor help. They can also double up as drink coasters on coffee tables!



Any table vignette or centrepiece will look way more 'together' all the elements are in a group that is placed on a 'base'. It could be tray or even a wooden breadboard. Just pull together the required look by using what you already have.


Yes, there's one rule only. Whenever you come up with a new tray vignette, do remember to have at least three things in it. Something about an odd number of things makes it more appealing to the eye.


Place a good wooden tray, fill it up with all the essentials for a comfortable stay for your guests. For examples, handmade soaps, some good reading material, a reusable water bottle, a couple of bamboo toothbrushes...and maybe your wifi password too! You get the idea!


For all those knick knacks that don't quite have a place like Jewellery , pens, keys etc, some handpainted wooden serving trays are the perfect solution. These trays as a centrepiece arrangement on your coffee table will help you never lose your remote again.

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