Home Decor Ideas : How To Have Happy Houseplants

When you go want to create and maintain that “jungalow look”, spend a little time carefully selecting your plants.  Tip#1 SCHEDULE: Make sure you take into consideration your lifestyle, before you select the type of plants for your abode. If you are known for your absentmindedness like me :P, choose a plant that can live with less water & care. If you have bright & sunny space, do try a succulent or cactus, and if your apartment lacks natural light, try a snake plant.

Tip#2 WATER: Yes, there is such a thing as too much love!! When it comes to your plant babies, control the urge to over after them. You will kill it! Best thing to do is to water only when needed. Check the soil for dryness and leaves for wilting. Do not give very cold water.

Tip#3 ENVIRONMENT: You are not the only one who stresses from change. Your plants do too. Keep them away from tool cold or too hot temps. Keep away from AC vents and heaters. 

Tip#4 FERTILIZER: Stay away from chemical fertilisers. Air, water and potting soil is enough for plant to survive easily. If you do choose to fertilise, use during growing season and try to stick to natural composts.

Tip#5 SOURCE: Stick to a dependable nursery run buy a person who knows his plants & soils for buying plants. Make sure to check your plant for yellow leaves, mildew spots on leaves gets to make sure you are getting a plnat that will actually survive. 

Tip#6 LIGHT: The amount you light you get in your home is very important for the plant’s life. Too much or too little of light and your plants won’t make it for very long. The direction of your balcony/window can help you decide the type of plants to keep there. 

Tip#7 TLC: Babies love routines! When you bring a new plant home with you, make sure to water, check in every 3-4 days. Make sure to say hello to it everyday :) Tip#8 REPOT: Repotting doesn’t always mean changing the pot, unless you plant has outgrown the earlier one. It could simply mean changing the soil and adding fresh nutrients for the plant.  Tip#9 DRAINAGE: Make sure the planter has a drainage hole at the bottom to allow excess water to escape from the soil. It helps in over watering the plant too.

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