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So, How do you style a coffee table that looks like the work of a professional interior designer? Let me tell you a secret… if you follow these five tips, you will always get a beautiful set coffee table without wasting any money!

Pro Tip #1: Greens A vignette is incomplete without a natural element. It could be a bouquet of flowers or a cute succulent plant, it adds freshness to your set. You can even use faux plants in varying heights to add drama. Pro Tip #2: A Stack of Books Adding items with different heights is the key to creating an interesting table vignette. Books can be the perfect and inexpensive way to add a horizontal element. Vintage editions will be perfect! But use whatever you have at hand. You can add small elements on top these like shells or beads to add more color. Pro Tip #3: A Vase With or without flowers, a vase is the quintessential item for a coffee table decor. It adds height to your set. Pro Tip #4: Something whimsical A fun element can present creativity to your set. Something of sentimental value, or just some shiny baubles...use your imagination...and again...use what you already have at hand.

Pro Tip #5: A Tray A tray is the perfect decor item which serves a practical purpose too! :) It helps in keeping the entire vignette cohesive. Also, if you have kids at home, you can always pick it up and place the entire thing on a higher spot. It makes it easier to clean the area underneath much easier too. I would suggest choosing a tray that takes up no more than a third of your table.

That's it!! Its that easy to make the coffee table into a decor hub of your living pace.

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