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How to Create A Gallery Wall In Easy Ways

You can improve almost any kind of space with a gallery wall. Don’t let angular walls, small spaces, or 'mixed up' pieces keep you from creating a one of a kind gallery wall.

  • Look at everything as art - You don’t ned to buy expensive art to create a gallery wall in your space. Let it be unique, let it be ‘you’. Add vintage textiles, the key for your first car, a movie ticket from your first date, posters, or even an old camera.

  • TIP: Easiest way to start - Trace you frames on a newspaper sheet and place them on the floor first. pose them as you would like them to be finally. Then tape the newspaper cutouts on the wall and place nails on to them. Now take off the paper and hang your stuff onto them.

  • Everything is art. You need the eye to look at it that way. Start creating your gallery wall even if you only have three pieces. Build it as you go on.

  • Lack of space should not stop you. Use space under stairways. Create a floor to ceiling gallery on a narrow wall.

  • If your frames don't match then match the pictures! Frame black and white prints to give it a cohesive look.

  • TIP: Hammer your nails through a sheet of paper to avoid cracks in the wall.

  • Use a large frame as the starting point. Place it in the centre and pose the rest of the items around it to create interest.

  • If your frames are different colors, paint them all the same color before starting.

  • Use a narrow shelf as your base if like changing your wall decor every few weeks or so. It will help in avoiding making holes in the walls.

  • Mix and match pieces of different heights. Add objects of varying textures and materials.

  • Don't limit your gallery to frames only. Add baskets, or thrift shop finds to make a fun, textural space.

  • Make a statement. Make it bold, make it wild. Make it full of colors. Go as your heart please. There are no rules.

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