Ideas For A Sustainable, More Mindful Lifestyle

Living a mindful, sustainable life is not hard. All you need to do is follow a few basic things. I am sure that they will become habits.Changing yourself is the only way to make real change happen in the world. Smaller, manageable changes are easier to follow. But they can make a significant impact on the world around us. I am sharing a few ideas to build long term sustainable habits –

  • Carry a steel water bottle everywhere with you for your drinking water. Its washable and reusable. There are many insulated ones available now that can keep your water cold for many hours in the summer.

  • If you like going to your local cafes for a daily dose of joe, then carry your own steel mug. Its unbreakable and washable. It will also last you a long time too.

  • I keep one or two cloth bags folded up in every handbag of mine, in case I have to go pick up some grocery. They are sturdy and reusable. You will be able to say no to those plastic bags at the store every time!

  • Use newspapers as garbage bin liners. This will help in reducing usage of plastic garbage bags and save you money too!

  • Try and shop at whole sale kirana {ration} stores. You can bring your own empty glass jars to carry back your kitchen supplies.

  • Many of you don’t have the time & space to make your own beauty product. But you can buy these beauty & skincare products from many small brands. These brands are making these products with natural ingredients in sustainable packaging.

  • I know it is hard to avoid plastic packaging sometimes. But we can try and find a recycling program in your area for the same. Some of these groups also do door step pick up of your plastic waste.

  • Reuse your empty glass jars for storing jams, chutneys in the fridge or dry fruit on your table for snacking.

  • Get things repaired and fixed, instead of throwing them and out and buying new.

It will take individual effort to make a global change. That is the only way we can save, create and give a better, safe and beautiful planet to our future generations.

How are you helping the environment? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments.

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