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Tegestology - When In Doubt, Use A Coaster

Did your most recent party leave lots of watermark rings on your expensive wooden furniture? Or maybe you forgot to use a coaster for your cold beverage, and now there is a ring.

All my guests might label me a scrooge but I think that you should always use a coaster on wood surfaces. Follow this drill especially when you are the guest. It should become a force of habit, almost like second nature.

Trust me, no one likes water rings on their tables. Cleaning up all those water rings will be cumbersome, more often tricky and sometimes expensive too. So, Instead of turning into a ‘buzz kill’ who keeps following your guests all around at every party and quietly slipping coasters under their glasses, just consider this simple solution…

BUY COASTERS!! Buy a lot of coasters, in various sizes, shapes, and materials.

Do people still use coasters?

Why wouldn't they? Drinks still contain liquid. Liquids still leave a mark on the wood. Even the most careful person can't compete with nature – i.e. condensation.

So, here I present to you my new collection of handmade, upcycled wooden coasters. These are all made out of repurposed wood pieces.

So was I able to convert you into a like-minded coaster lover? :)

Founded in 2006, Design5 Studio is a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand in the home decor, accessories and gifting space. Design5 upcycles and creates functional art products that are based on the principle of Reduce & Reuse – explore our collections of handpainted and upcycled rustic wooden frames, repurposed candlesticks, handpainted wooden serving trays,  handpainted wooden bowls, wall art prints, and handmade resin jewellery. Explore all ranges for unique gifting ideas.

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