Zero-Waste Cleaning Ideas

Zero-waste house cleaning is as easy as D-I-Y J. Anybody can begin with simple stuff that might be already in your kitchen.

There are so many Youtube tutorials out there for making natural, homemade cleaning agents. I even mentioned one with Bio Enzyme in my last post here.

You can also ditch the plastic scrubs and pads for washing and cleaning. Try using brushes and scrubs made from natural fibers. Old T-shirts and clothes can be turned into wipes and dusters for the kitchen and the whole house.

Soap nuts (Reetha) is a great solution for washing and cleaning. Add them to an old sock, tie a knot on top and add it to your laundry pile in the washing machine. It is safe for your clothes and machine. They leave your clothes smelling nice and feeling soft. You can boil these to make liquid soap for washing your dishes too. They are hypo-allergenic so they don’t harm your skin. You can use them for laundry at least three times, then you can toss them into your composter.

Baking soda (meetha soda) is a great alternative to bleach and disinfectants. I use it to wash my freshly bought veggies and fruits. Just dip them in a mix of tap water & baking soda for ten minutes. You can use it dip your white clothes over night and then toss them in the washing machine next day. They will be rid of all stains. Baking soda & vinegar can be mixed together to clean surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. You can use a small batch of this mixture to leave overnight in your washing machine. It will remove all gunk stuck inside the machine very effectively.

There are many videos & blogs on the internet that can be used to learn such natural, zero waste methods to keep your house clean and chemical free. It will also reduce your usage of plastic packaging and dumping of plastic in the garbage. It will be big cost saving device also, if you buy these in bulk.

Lets try and come up with more ideas to save our planet from plastic. If you have any such ideas, do let me now in the comments.

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