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This restored and decorative wooden caddy / storage box / spoon box can be used to store your paintbrushes, your pen & pencils, small plant holders or flower vases, or perfect for your cutlery or make-up brushes in - either way, it looks good! Use them in your coffee table decor or dining table decor to add a unique touch. Add them to your kitchen for a unique rustic decor touch!

Being a restored product, it will show some grain variation, so each Design5 product is slightly different. Design5 keeps its sustainability promise by minimising its carbon footprint by using clean recycled packing material and planting a tree for every wooden product sold.

Handpainted Wooden Storage Cutlery Box - Bougenvillea

    • MEASUREMENTS: Length 9in, Width 9in, Height 4 inch
    • MATERIAL(S): Wood